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5 good reasons to stay in Pornichet in spring

Contemplate, relish, feel, vibrate, enjoy…

Spring is here, days are getting longer, the sun invites itself to the
seaside, the vegetation is rising up…
In Pornichet, spring is synonymous with strolls, idleness, relaxation,
events, discoveries…



Reason n°1 : Enjoying the calm and the charm of the off-season.

Coming in spring, it’s enjoying the calm. Taking the time.
Just before the excitement of summer, we are taking the time to relax and
We enjoy a lunch or dinner facing the ocean.
We savour a drink on the port while contemplating the boats.
We marvel at the beauty of a sunset.
We read on the beach, enjoying the first sun rays while children are
dedicating themselves to their favourite activity: building a sandcastle!
We enjoy a haven of relaxation at the thalassotherapy centre.We cycle, hair blowing in the wind, on the bike lanes.
We treat ourselves to an ice cream, a waffle or both!
We stroll along the alleys of the market.
We have our first sea bathing (why not? The water is still chilly but it is so

You got it… Pornichet in spring is to be experienced according to one’s

Coucher de soleil à Pornichet ©Matthieu Lumen

Reason n°2 : The invigorating walks

What a delight to stroll along the ocean on the coastal path.

Inhaling the sea breeze, catching sight of the tiny islands off the coast,
dreaming of faraway destinations, listening to the slapping of the waves…
You get a chance to experience a unique and “salty” moment while
walking along the coastal path.
The most courageous will want to walk the sentier littoral (coastal path) over
13 kilometers all the way to Saint-Nazaire.
A walk alternating beaches, coves and marine sensations!

Should you prefer somewhere green…
Select either one of the hiking trails: Plages et bocage or Les Coteaux d'Ermur.
Follow the countryside paths and discover the unsung areas of Pornichet.
Hollow paths, vineyards, erstwhile farm, pond for different and revitalising
Those hiking trails may also be ridden by bike (with variations in some


Randonnée à Pornichet

Reason n°3 : The activities

When does it get better to enjoy the outdoors than in spring?

Leave behind the scarves and the winter coats… and enjoy outdoor
Minigolf, tennis, outdoor escape game, tourist train ride, discovery of the
Belle Époque villas, carousel ride, beach catamaran, stand-up paddle,
sand yacht… Ideas are there!

As a bonus, you will come back from those moments with red cheeks,
slightly tanned and so happy.


Reason n°4 : The events

Pornichet is the ultimate festive town!

In spring, les événements , (the events) are coming one after the other. Most
of them are complimentary.
Guided visits of the town, shore fishing introduction, shows at Quai des
Arts, children events (with Renc’arts des P’tits Loups), car boot sales,
regattas, art exhibitions, gospel festival, spring market, port festival,
stand-up paddle events…

And this is only a glimpse at the spring events!

Renc'arts des P'tits Loups Pornichet

Reason n°5 : Discovering the surroundings

Pornichet is the ideal starting point to discover les environs (the
surroundings). Unexpected landscapes are on offer.

The salt marshes are slowly coming out of their winter pause and are
being prepared for upcoming salt harvests with patience and care.

The wild coast that stretches from Le Pouliguen to Le Croisic is tossed by
the waves.

The marshes of Brière are wrapping themselves with vegetation, birds
are re-integrating their nests. Calm reigns, barely interrupted by the
lapping of the pole hitting the water to guide the small barges and the
astonished visitors.

Saint-Nazaire and its seafront scattered by fisheries, witnesses of a
highly appreciated activity. And yet another ambiance with the discovery
of the shipbuilding and the famous shipyards. A city within the city!

Without forgetting Guérande, medieval town surrounded by its moats,
with high granite houses where time seems to have stopped. There, we
could almost hear the sounds of the liards or other mediaeval music
instruments announcing the arrival of a master dressed in his finest
clothing and jewellery and surrounded by his courtiers.


marais salants

Thus, are you convinced with the charm of Pornichet in spring?
Well, we haven’t said it all yet.

Come and visit us at the Tourist Office. We have many more ideas to
share with you to create a memorable experience.