L'Office de Tourisme de tourisme et de Congrès reste ouvert tous les matins du mardi au samedi de 10h à 13h.
Nous restons joignables les après-midis au 02 40 61 33 33 de 14h à 17h30.

Le Centre de  Congrès de l’Hippodrome est à votre écoute au 02 40 66 17 30 du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 13h et de 14h à 17h



What to see, what to do
à Pornichet

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Pornichet: totally #pornichouette!

Some love the coast, the beaches ringing with children’s laughter and the lapping waves; others prefer the countryside, meandering wherever the paths lead them; others love the end of the day as pavement cafés and bars come to life, glasses chinking before a magical sunset! On the other hand, some visitors love Pornichet at sunrise with its soft light, or the warm welcome of our shops and boutiques. For those who live in the fast lane, there are countless activities to try, while for those who want to unwind it’s a place to truly relax…

You get the picture: there are a thousand and one things to do in Pornichet – so what will you choose?