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Here’s some practical info about the beaches, about shellfish hunting, recycling and more.

Shellfish gathering in Pornichet

Where can we gather shellfish in Pornichet?

There are 2 favourite spots for gathering shellfish at really low tides:

  • La Pointe du Bé (between the Port and Bonne Source Beach),
  • Bonne Source Beach.

What shellfish can you find in Pornichet?

Mostly mussels and winkles, although you sometimes find clams and cockles.

How can I find out when it’s time for the lowest tides?

At the Tourist Office, or you can buy a tide timetable from the newsagent, Place du Marché. Aim to get to the beach at least 90 minutes before the next low tide.

How will I know what I am allowed to fish in Pornichet?

You’ll find official notices about what is and isn’t allowed on the dedicated website  for Loire-Atlantique fishing. Updates are also posted at the Tourist Office.

Are there any rules I need to respect?

To respect the environment, please only gather shellfish that you intend to eat. If you lift or move any rocks, put them back where they were. As for the size guidelines and minimum sizes allowed, ask for the "cali-pêche" at Pornichet Tourist Office, which is free!

The beaches in Pornichet

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Pornichet?

Yes, but only on a lead and only from 15th September to 15th June. From mid-June to the end of August, dogs are not allowed on the beach, for hygiene reasons. The same dates apply to horses.

There are distributors offering free dog poop bags throughout Pornichet to make it easy to clean up after your dog.

Please note that dogs are also allowed on the coastal path throughout the year, on a lead.

Are we allowed to smoke on the beach in Pornichet?

Yes and no. In summer, from 15th June to 15th September, the town has set up smoke-free zones for a perimeter of 5 metres around the kids’ beach clubs and the sailing clubs on the three beaches, and 20 metres from the sea, in order to protect the youngest visitors from the harmful effects of tobacco.

Do you give out ashtrays in Pornichet?

There are no ashtrays given out on the beaches in Pornichet.

Can we do Kitesurfing?

Absolutely! It’s absolutely possible to do kitesurfing in Pornichet, beyond the 300-metre zone, accessible by a channel on the Libraires Beach. Find out more by checking at the Town Hall (mairie) or asking at the lifeguard stations on the beach.

Can we do sand-yachting in Pornichet?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do sand-yachting in Pornichet.

How do I go about hiring a beach hut?

Call La Saur on 00 +33 (0)2 40 60 25 45.

Campervans and Motorhomes in Pornichet

Is it possible to park up in a campervan in Pornichet?

Campers and Motorhomes are allowed to park, provided that they respect the parking regulations and the cleanliness rules.

Is there an overnight service area for campervans in Pornichet?

There isn’t an overnight service area (‘aire’) in Pornichet itself, the closest is in Saint-Marc-sur-Mer (closer to Saint-Nazaire).

The list of service areas for campervans and motorhomes in the Guérande Peninsula can be seen at the Tourist Office, as can the list of rules and regulations.

Parking in Pornichet

Is it free to park in Pornichet?

Pornichet offers free parking throughout the town. However, in the shopping areas there are a few blue zones where parking is limited to 30 minutes or 2 hours. In these blue zones, you need to display a blue parking disk, available from the Tourist Office.  There are several car parks to choose from, and you can see these on the map available from the Tourist Office.

WiFi in Pornichet

Where can I connect to WiFi in Pornichet?

At Pornichet Tourist Office, naturally! We offer WiFi access not only when we are open, but even when we’re closed you can log on to the network 'WiFi OT public’ from outside the building, near reception.

The local council has also set up the following WiFi access points free of charge:

  • Place des Océanes, near the newspaper kiosk
  • Pornichet train station

In each case the network is called ‘Ville de Pornichet’.

... And of course, there are plenty of other local bars and restaurants offering WiFi!