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Loire à vélo/Estuary from Nantes to St-Brevin


Discover the longest river in France.

Estuary from Nantes to St-Brevin


The route

Entirely signposted from Nantes to St-Brevin, as it follows the shared route of two major cycle routes, La Loire à Vélo and La Vélodyssée.

Practical advice

The 3km-long, spectacular cable suspension bridge linking Saint-Nazaire to Saint-Brevin rises high above the Loire Estuary, offering amazing views for those crossing it by car. Unfortunately, the bridge is not properly adapted to cyclists and may be seen as an obstacle on a cycling trip! For more information: Crossing the Saint-Nazaire Bridge

Top Tip  

You might consider spreading this cycling outing across two days in order to take your time exploring the area:
Nantes > Le Pellerin (25km) and Le Pellerin > Nantes (37km)

Don’t miss

Make the most of this great cycling outing to discover the collection of contemporary works and installations along the Estuaire arts trail. Exploring this open-air museum, you can view these specific works on this outing: 


The 24 September 2022
Additional info
Type of Excursion
  • Mountain bike
  • Bike
Category of the Route
  • Grand itinéraire vélo (Vélocéan, Vélodyssée, Loire à Vélo...)
  • Idée séjour
  • Itinéraire de découverte
  • Etape idée séjour
  • Court-séjour
  • Etape court-séjour
  • Circuit VTT
  • Vélocéan itinerary (cycling)
  • Bicycle CARENE Tour